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What is the Internet of Things: Three Fast Facts & Associated Risks

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Three Common Password Mistakes to Avoid

Unfortunately, the combination of your dog’s name and your birth year is not a secure password combination.

While we think that we’ve created a fool-proof password for our online accounts, odds are we’ve committed not just one but maybe all of the common password security mistakes. Read more

What is a WISP and the Repercussions of Not Having One?

A Written Information Security Program (WISP) is a document that’s essentially a layer of protection that safeguards personally-identifiable information that’s been shared with a business entity.

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Single Sign-on Authentication: What is it?

Imagine coming into work and only having to put in one password. That’s it – one login that gives you access to all of the programs that you use on a daily basis. That may sound farfetched, especially if you are used to having to memorize an endless number of passwords in order to access the various programs that you use, but it does exist. It’s called Single Sign-on authentication (or SSO for short).

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IT Risk Management Best Practices: What Should You Be Doing?

Devising and implementing a risk management strategy is a proactive approach to addressing potential IT threats and problems for your company as cyber criminals are becoming more sophisticated with their attacks.

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What is Ransomware? Three Ways to Protect Your Computer

Ransom : a consideration paid or demanded for the release of someone or something from captivity.

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3 Reasons Why IT Security Should Be a Priority for Your Small Business

Do you have an online banking app? If so, you know that you need to use specific credentials that are associated with your account in order to access an online portal.

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5 Cybersecurity measures anyone can master

Avoiding malware and online scams takes a lot of work. You have to treat every email with suspicion, manage a long list of convoluted passwords, and avoid public WiFi networks. Ideally, you follow several other cybersecurity best practices, but many users don’t believe they’re worth the time. If you’re one of those people, here are five ways to stay safe that won’t eat up all your time.

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5 ways to capitalize on the latest tech fads

More money with less investment — that’s the dream, right? Counterintuitive as it may seem, flash-in-the-pan tech fads and trends may just be the way to achieve that. With the right tools, you can associate your SMB with popular new technologies. These are our five tips on how to cash in on things as silly and childish as Pokémon GO and as technical and trendy as the internet of things.

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Utilize these VoIP features more often

Voicemail, Do Not Disturb, and call recording are some of the obvious reasons why companies choose VoIP services for their communication needs. But other VoIP features are often underutilized, like customizable hold music or in-call coaching. For a more efficient work flow, check out these overlooked features.

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